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The Personality of Allah’s Last Messenger ﷺ

by: Abdul Waheed Khan


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The Personality of Allah’s Last Messenger: The world has not lacked for heroes or great personalities, yet most of them distinguished themselves in one field or another, unlike the unlettered Prophet, Muhammad ibn ‘Abdullâh (blessings and peace be upon him). This man was a towering personality who excelled in many diverse fields; as statesman, general, teacher, lawmaker, social reformer, exemplary father and husband. His honesty and integrity were known and respected by all, even his enemies. In spite of all this, it must be said that the truth is often obscured about the one whom George Bernard Shaw described as “that wonderful man who is unknown to many outside the Muslim world”. In this book, ‘Abdul Waheed Khan focuses on the true personality of the last Messenger of Allah, in order to demolish all the distortions and misconceptions which have been propagated by biased or ignorant writers and hopefully, to induce in the reader a sense of reverence and respect for this greatest man in the history of the world. If you do not yet know the truth about this giant of history, you owe it to yourself to find out about him.

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