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Essential Duas in the Life of a Muslim

by: Jamiatul Ulama (KZN)


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All praise is due to Allah Ta’ala, The Supreme Master of all the worlds. Countless Durood and Salaam be upon our beloved Nabi, Sayyidina Muhammad( PBUH ).

We have been taught by Rasulullah( PBUH ) to recite duas at different occasions of our life. From the time we awaken till the time we go to sleep we have been taught to recite these duas. In this manner our entire day passes in the remembrance of Allah Ta’ala. It is mentioned in the Hadith that Rasulullah( PBUH ) used to remember Allah Ta’ala at all times. A great amount of the constant remembrance was by means of the recitation of the duas for the various occasions. The recitation of these duas also strengthens our bond with Allah Ta’ala and increases the love for our Creator in our hearts.

Parents need to play the very important role of constantly encouraging and reminding their children to recite the duas at the appropriate time. Thus when the child is woken up in the morning, before he enters the toilet and after he leaves, before and after eating and at all other occasions, the parents should remind the child to recite the dua. In this way it will become a part of their lives and the purpose of teaching these duas will be achieved, Insha Allah.


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