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Al-Ghunya Li-Talibi Tariq Al-Haqq – Sufficient Provision for Seekers of the Path of Truth

by: Shaik Abdul Qaadir Jilani


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Translation by: Shaikh Muhammad ibn at-Tadifi al-Hanbalion

Book Contents

  • Author’s Prologue
  • Concerning Knowledge of the Creator[Sani], Almighty and Glorious is He
  • Concerning contentment[rida]
  • Concerning Absolute trust in the Lord[tawakkul]
  • Concerning Thankfulness[shukr]
  • A series of invocations, each of them beginning with: ” In the name of Allah, Who[Bismillahi’ lladhi]”
  • Concerning the ritual prayer of the spiritual elite[salat al khassa]
  • Concerning the necessity to be constantly on guard again hypocritical display[riya], the desire to impress one’s fellow creatures[ru’yat al-khalq], and vain conceit[‘ujb]

About the Author
Shaikh ‘Abd al-Qadir is widely known by the honorific, ‘the Sultan of the Saints (awliya) of Allah’. In the history of the Saints of Islam, Shaikh Abd al-Qadir stands out as being unique, in the broad scope of perfection that includes his lineage, his complete development, piety, knowledge of the religion and adherence to the Sacred Law (Sharia), his intimate and direct knowledge of the Divine, and his establishment by the Lord of All the Worlds at the level of Reality (Haqiqa). Shaikh ‘Abd al-Qadir lived almost a thousand years ago, but his words transcend the time and place in which they were recorded to span the centuries without difficulty. Revered to this day as the supreme spiritual helper (al-Ghawth al-A’zam) the Shaikh addresses his audience at a level that bypasses the heart and mind. His discourses are justly ranked among the most beautiful oratory the world has ever known.


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